How it Works

Find the best tutors near you.

Your child can connect with the tutors nearby in a few clicks. Cari has made learning accessible for all.

  • Registration and Login Registration and login are quick. You can login and register with your mobile phone number (OTP generated), social media (Facebook, Google), fingerprint (for Android phones), or Face ID (for iPhones).
  • Book Tutoring Service Get in touch with tutors in your area and tell them what you need help with. You will be introduced to tutors within minutes based on your specific needs.
  • Track in Real-time Once the tutor confirms the booking and notifies the student. The student can track the tutor in real-time and receive an estimated arrival time.
  • Review and Rating Students can rate the tutoring services, as well as leave feedback regarding the students' behavior, experience, and overall learning platform experience.

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In only a few clicks, students can connect with tutors in their area. Learning has become more accessible thanks to the Cari. 

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